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glass_of_water_images.jpegSex Hormones, Pain Killers, Pharmaceuticals all Recycling back into our food chain and into our bodies.

The word “RECYCLE” thas taken on a greater, deeper meaning. Everything we put down our drains, sinks, or toilets eventually recycles back into our bodies. That means excess vitamins, drugs, pain killers and anything else the body needs to discharge. Then there is what goes down our shower drains and the detergents and softeners we put into our washing machines. And any sprays we put on our lawns and plants. It all eventually filter into our water and both we and Nature pay a heavy,0,4303601.story

All of this enters treatment plants that do not neutralize or remove most of these elements. The water is discharged into our water ways and oceans, then the aquatic animals and fish and other animals who drink the water reabsorb them, then we eat them, and the cycle repeats itself in toxic food or drinking water. And it starts all over again.

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