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Scientists can now pinpoint, at the millisecond level, what happens as harmful environmental contaminants such as arsenic begin to react with soil and water under various conditions.

Two-Headed Sheep

Two-Headed Sheep


In his bold and excellent article, Bryan Walsh says…”we don’t have the luxury of philosophizing about food. With the exhaustion of the soil, the impact of global warming and the inevitably rising price of oil — which will affect everything from fertilizer to supermarket electricity bills — our industrial style of food production will end sooner or later”.


“Getting Real About the High Cost of Cheap Food” By Bryan Walsh Friday, Aug. 21, 2009,8599,1917458,00.html

I had been taking a closer look at the breeding aspects of our food and animals, when this important and brave article broke and I was appalled to find that the rush to produce more on smaller plots of land has also resulted in massive loss of species and loss of our natural gene pool of vegetables, fruits and other crops and in the breeding of animals. Read the rest of this entry »


A Crumb for you, a Crumb for Me!


Think about this. We are already stressing our Natural world to max, what will it be like as we add billions more? More poverty, more starvation, more conflict with our natural world.

This makes addressing our environmental and biodiversity issues much more pressing. To bring balance and health back to our food supply chain…the danger is we will just err on the side of more science and technology that could only further exacerbate the already dire problem of nutritious, healthy food supplies for all and getting the mega factory farming back into harmony with nature. I believe we can feed and water ourselves, but I believe it will return to small communities, working together with some supplemental outside help. We cannot depend on the integrity of multi-national food corporations to do the right thing. Nor can we depend on the bigger, more developed nations who may be busy taking care of their own internal problems. It is highly likely that foreign aid will begin to dry up. Survival will implode our focus.

If we want to uplift humanity, we cannot do it just by handing out clothes, or distributing money, or teaching about a higher standard of living. We cannot truly help people if we just create more and more programs for those who are sick and poor. We have to enter partnerships both large and small to restore humans to Read the rest of this entry »

Dear Mr. President:

Please stop Monsanto – and their bedfellows – They’re killing us and our planet- and now the four companies—Monsanto, Syngenta, Dupont, and Bayer—that own the global market for GM seeds/pesticides/insecticides are colluding and combining technologies .

Surely this is approaching an anti-trust and monopoly issue? Too big to fail?!

The ongoing battle between GMO, pesticides and insecticides and Organic farmers clearly shows that Monsanto has all its bases covered in case of lawsuits from farmers, some due to crop spraying drifting onto organic farms. (shell corporations with no assets) Monsanto can squash an organic farm with one waft of the wind. This article explains a little about one incident

shambo web 3 75 dpiMr. President, while you’re working so hard on health reform, I respectfully request you look into the causes and preventative health measures that requires the Monsanto’s (and the Dow’s) of our world to stop poisoning our planet and food and water supply making tens of millions of people sick, all over the planet, with cancer and other horrible terminal and life-threatening illnesses, driving up medical costs because it is in our food, water supply, household products, personal care items, etc.
And that includes our children who are exposed to these GMOs, artificial hormones, antibiotics, pesticides, and insecticides even while in the womb, creating weakened immune systems and resistance to antibiotic treatment: Article: Drug-resistant bacteria were eating holes in the lungs of 7-week-old Madeline Reimer of Batavia. The most powerful antibiotics available could not stop them.,0,2286795.story

Read the rest of this entry »


But the producers show no signs of letting up.  Once it is in our environment, the pollen spreads and it becomes almost impossible to put this toxic genie back into the box…and don’t whey know it!  The longer they can keep it going, the more chance they have of it becoming accepted as mainstream.

Living on Earth: GE Corn Causes Concern




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