Is This Insanity Or What?

The Objectification of Life – and The Huge Price We Are Paying

By @pdjmoo March 10, 2012

What is it about the human psyche that is willing to destroy the very foundations of life that humanity (and all species) depends upon for survival?  Aren’t we supposed to be the most “intelligent” species on the planet?  Sadly, facts are showing that we have far less understanding of the natural balances required for the planet than our arrogance and intellect would suppose.

It seems this disease is pervasive right across the globe.  Like a swarm of locusts, we are ravaging and razing the earth to a point where life can no longer survive.  We continue to over-fish our oceans until 90% of the big fish are gone, devastating the natural ocean systems and their biodiversity.  Why?  For profit and under the guise of “feeding the people” Overfishing leaves swaths of Mediterranean barren

We continue to ravage the forests that hold so much life that maintains the natural balance and biodiversity of our lands, often displacing indigenous peoples from their homes, creating dependency.  For What?  Profit and the hunger/demand for timber and clearing of forests for non-regional monocrops, destroying thousands of species and their habitat in the process. Our Disappearing Forests.  (It takes 100 years to grow a 100 year-old tree)

We continue to “drill baby drill” even as we are faced with horrific oil disasters world-wide, destroying land and ocean life and ecosystems and costing billions in cleanups.  Why? For profit and the hunger for cheap fossil-fuel energy, oil and gasoline. Effects of Oil & Drilling on the Environment AND  A Tough-Oil World: Why 21st Century Oil Will Break the Bank — and the Planet

We continue to poison our soils and waterways and decimate our natural biosystems with the advent of genetically engineered seeds and crops that require millions of tons of pesticides, herbicides creating industrial agricultural monocultures, destroying our pollinators (bees, bats, birds, butterflies) and natural plant species that create balance for the ecosystems. Monsanto’s Roundup Ready Crops Tied to Butterfly Decline  Why?  For profit and in the name of “feeding the population”. Vandana Shiva: The Future of Food-Part 1  Changing our DNA through GMO Food

And then there is the global mining industry, using our environment as a garbage dump. Each year more than 180 million tonnes of hazardous mine waste is dumped into oceans, rivers and lakes of the world, causing irreversible health effects for sea life and for the human populations that feed off it. Why? For maximum profit  often from public-owned lands, making billions from our natural resources while poisoning and polluting the very lands, water and oceans  we need to survive. Global Mining companies dump millions of tons of toxic waste into oceans, rivers and lakes of the world.

We blindly forge on with nuclear power even in the face of a Fukushima and Chernobyl and without any way of neutralizing the millions of tons of nuclear waste generated from this process.  What are we going to do with this highly radioactive waste that has a life-cycle of hundreds if not hundred of thousands of years?  Man has yet to make a container that can be guaranteed to last that long. In Japan, Nuclear Cleanup May Be Mission Impossible Sooner or later, this radioactive waste will leak/seep into the environment and water tables.

And pray tell me, what are we going to do when the last fish, the last tree, the last productive soils, the last water sources are gone.  The ocean, forests, soil and waterways will take decades (if at all) to restore themselves and then they will not look like anything we have or presently know because we will have destroyed the biosystems required to support all life.  And, in the meantime, instead of stopping this madness, we plan ahead for test-tube created food!!   Test-tube hamburger – the solution to global food shortages? 

We expect our organic bodies to absorb and process the tens of thousand of chemicals and pesticides and altered food genes bombarding our environment and still remain healthy. Why poisonous, unregulated chemicals end up in our blood   And we wonder why cancer, obesity, diabetes, stress-related diseases and a host of other illnesses are becoming global epidemics, both in humans and animals.

We have lost our connection to our interdependence on the natural planetary web of life.  We have objectified life to a point where we even raise our livestock as if they are inanimate objects on an automotive production line.  We create Confined Animal Feeding Lots (CAFOs) to pump out More, Bigger, Faster often subjecting our animals to extreme suffering. Animal Factories: A Corporate Industrial Process  Or create industrial fish farms that cram thousands of fish into cages, feeding them antibiotic meal while polluting our natural fish stock and oceans, as if that justifies our emptying of the oceans.  Factory Fish Farming Examined: Aquaculture 

We Can STOP This Insanity

We Must WAKE-UP from our anesthetized state of mind. Our “dispensable”, “throw away” habitual mindsets, and our disconnection from the greater organic whole, is now at critical level.  Short term profit gain at the expense of all life on this earth is insane. More Profits, technology and science cannot fix this.   It is an individual, personal journey back home to ourselves. Returning respect and dignity to our planet, ourselves and each other is crucial  if we are to have any chance of reversing this spiraling, out of control annihilation of our beautiful Planet Earth and of our own species or there will be no jobs, no economy, no environment. Is it any wonder human violence is on the rise worldwide.  We are treating our Natural World as we are treating each other–as inanimate numbers on a spreadsheet.  Let’s reignite our sense of wonder and beauty that shines all around us, in Nature and other human beings, every moment of every day.

WATCH: “The Story of Citizens United v. FEC (2011)” The Story of Stuff Project.  An exploration of the inordinate power that corporations exercise in our democracy


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