From:  The Global Oneness Project


When did we forget that we are the land? That our physical bodies, our intelligence, our hungers, and our imagination are inextricably part of a vast and infinitely layered living system that creates us, sustains us, transforms us, and ultimately reclaims us? And that just as we are part of this living system, so is the earth. We are part of the same system.

The Earth is our home, our food, our shelter, and our intimacy. It feeds our dreams as much as our bodies, and it has been known as a source of love and divine awareness since the beginning of time.

More poisonous than toxic waste and more destructive than deforestation, it’s our forgetting of Nature’s true value and the denial of our relationship with Nature that has corrupted life on this planet. And it will be our change of perspective and attitude about the Earth that will provide the only lasting foundation for ecological and community renewa…. (more)The Land Owns Us | Global Oneness Project.