May 21, 2010

UN says case for saving species ‘more powerful than climate change’

Goods and services from the natural world should be factored into the global economic system, says UN biodiversity report. Economic report into biodiversity crisis reveals price of consuming the planet . The economic case for global action to stop the destruction of the natural world is even more powerful than the argument for tackling climate change, a major report for the United Nations will declare this summer. READ REST OF ARTICLE: The Guardian


Measuring What Matters: GDP, Ecosystems and the Environment

A New Indicator: Valuing Natural Capital

“For the past 50 years, growth in GDP has been an overall policy objective pursued by governments at every level. Obsession with GDP growth has spurred policies to liquidate natural capital as quickly as possible. By correctly valuing changes in our stocks of natural capital and the ecosystem services that they provide will help advance a science of new metrics capable of inspiring more sustainable policy choices.” (Read on…Measuring What Matters: GDP, Ecosystems and the Environment | World Resources Institute.



May 21, 2010: The natural world – biodiversity –  is our lifeline