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“If all mankind were to disappear, the world would regenerate back to the rich state of equilibrium that existed ten thousand years ago. If insects were to vanish, the environment would collapse into chaos.” E. O. Wilson, Pulitzer Prize Winner, Socio-Biologist.

by Pam Jacob @pdjmoo

Have we asked too much of Nature and her inhabitants and the myriad of symbiotic relationships all species needed to maintain balance and generate our healthy food supply? We have pushed our cows, beef cattle, chickens, turkeys, pigs and fish over the edge, far beyond their natural capacity to breed and produce within their given maturation processes. We have created a poisoned, industrialized food system that no longer is healthy or nutritious and, in the process, we have objectified the very life forms essential to our food supply. They have become a dollar figure, a number on a balance sheet, to do with what we will. A great tragedy is unfolding before our eyes. We have lost respect for Nature as our partners in life and, as such, lost respect for each other, and ourselves waiving our responsibility for our essential role in our own life support systems.

Witness the beautiful, tiny bees. A little bee is just as important in its own right as you and I in the greater scheme of things…perhaps even more important. Maybe their little immune systems could no longer assimilate all the pesticides, insecticides and GMO pollen we impose on their digestion systems, and their stressful, forced artificial way of life. – This is an article titled “Save the Bees, Save the Berries” written about the second largest blueberry producer in North America. He is acknowledging that his crops are failing due to lack of pollination caused by the Colony Bee Collapse disaster that brought about a sea change in his approach to farming and how he now sees everything through a sustainability “prescription” and the importance of the interconnectedness of the web of life.

Enslaved Bees

You can see how our bees no longer live naturally or build their own beautiful hives in habitat and communities of their own choosing. They are enslaved in boxes, being hauled from pillar to post, from one environment to another, often overnight by air; given exclusive diets from (often genetically engineered) orange blossoms, to almond blossoms, to berry blossoms, etc. Many of which have been sprayed with toxic insecticides and pesticides. And our alternative pollinators are disappearing at alarming rates…the bats, butterflies, etc. due to habitat loss and insecticide/pesticide spraying. All this so that we can have our fruits, vegetables and flora. Without pollination, we get none! No bees, no berries. But what about the bees? I’d say they were pretty important little guys, and beautiful too. Without them we’d have a really hard time. So it is not just about us, our needs, our desires, our wants, but the bees too – most importantly the bees. We’re dealing with cause and effect here?

This leads me to the greater whole. Our human attempts and desires to dominate, control and manage Nature have been a dismal failure and we are all now paying the ultimate price for this – the demise of our planetary bio-systems and mass extinction of species that threatens a global collapse of our entire eco-system. We have decimated the natural symbiotic relationships within our natural world, spraying, killing, poisoning, depleting our oceans and totally destroying entire forests and all their inhabitants and species. Why would we do this!?

Honeybee at Work

Honeybee at Work

We need Nature’s support to survive. We cannot expect to have healthy, balanced lives, without a healthy balanced natural world. Reconnecting to our essential, sacred partnership with Nature has great purpose. It reconnects us, the human species, back into the magical and profound web of symbiotic relationships, as part of the whole, not separate from it. As we take our rightful place as partners with all of life, we will stop forcing and expecting Nature to produce and regenerate beyond her natural maturation processes.

We have allowed ourselves to enslave our cows (for milk, cream, butter and cheese); our beef (for meat and bi-products), chickens (for eggs and bi-products), turkeys, pigs (for our pork and bacon) and fish (in toxic artificial fish farms) all in an effort to generate more profits but disguised in the name of producing more “food”. We pump them full of artificial growth hormones and anti-biotics, forcing them to grow faster than normal and breed and rear them under horrifying, disgusting, inhumane circumstances. Even worse, the manner in which we kill them is reprehensible.

Another Bee at Work

Another Bee at Work -Photo courtesy

This objectification of our natural food supply and ourselves has numbed and dumbed us down until it seems we no longer have any connection to our fellow species in the natural world. All species are equal in their own right. The large, corporate industrial farming, have wreaked havoc on our soils, biodiversity, and species eradication with pesticides and insecticides that run off into our rivers and kill many species unintended for eradication with this poison. Fortunately, there is a global ground swell rising and people are beginning to speak out and take responsibility for their own food supply with their own backyard gardening and local food growers.

From a deep slumber we are awakening to the fact that the state of nature is integrally tied to the state of the human condition. We have to get outside of our own enslavement in air-conditioned offices, under artificial lights, break free from our computers and get our hands and bodies back into connection with Mother Earth. Technology alone cannot fix this humongous problem. Only our organic reconnection to our eco life systems can. We are the only species on the planet that can bring sanity back to our scientific runaway meddling with Nature – without taking the time to fully understand the symbiotic relationships that are required for a sustainable planet.

Restoring respect and dignity to all species, including to ourselves, has great purpose. What we do to Nature we do to ourselves. As we nurture Nature we nurture ourselves. Nature knows exactly what she needs if only we will listen and let her teach us again, stepping back from our obsessive need to dominate and control Her. We have harmed Nature more than we know, as will become more apparent over the next couple of years. She can no longer regenerate fast enough to meet our demands, no matter how hard we push her. Let us all return to this sensibility and understanding…we cannot expect to have healthy, balanced lives without a healthy, balanced natural world. For without Nature we do not exist. Period.