Beautiful Solar Roof tiles

The curved design of the tile allows for greater air circulation under and around the tiles, helping to prevent degradation in performance caused by the region’s desert heat.

UPDATED: The sun rises and sets everyday all over the world. When it stops, so do we. Solar makes so much sense, so long as the end of life cycle is biodegrable. Wind has its problems with bird and bat kills and changing wind current due to climate change

This innovation makes so much sense…every area exposed to the sun is a potential energy capture source and now…we can have beautiful roof tiles as well. Things are accelerating so fast. Every day I see new innovations on the market – mostly overseas though. (see This is a major shift from the flat panels. Here’s a prediction. Next we will have thin solar film on our windows that not only reduce the sun’s heat coming in but also generate electricity. Then solar cars. With all the exposed surface metal – the hoods, the roof, the trunk and even the paneled doors…someone will come through with this soon. Getting off our addiction to oil dependency may not be as difficult or as slow as we think. Wow…a true win, win. What an exciting innovative time we are living in. Go Solar!


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