Water – Our Life’s Blood

The Monsoon is Late, the wells are running dry and the water supply is now a deadly issue in Bophal, India.



WATER, WATER, WATER! $ $ $ $ $

“The United Nations has been warning for many years that water shortages will become one of the most pressing problems on the planet over the coming decades, with one report estimating that four billion people will be affected by 2050. What is happening in India, which has too many people in places where there is not enough water, is a foretaste of what is to come.” http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2009/jul/12/india-water-supply-bhopal

Will future military conflicts be fought over scarce water resources? The international water conference Stockholm http://tinyurl.com/mojoyp

We seem to have forgotten a universal rule: Water is Life
The National Newspaper http://ow.ly/ni8V

Are we seeing the beginnings of what is well may our inevitable future?

It has begun in the less developed countries of India, Africa, Bangladesh and China. Water is such a precious commodity.

pdjmoo INDIA: SUICIDE IS LATEST EPIDEMIC. Food, famine & climate change: India’s scorched earth | Life and style | The Observer http://ow.ly/tPF1

China Faces a Water Crisis. After decades of massive economic growth and the migration of villagers to cities, the scarcity of water in China is more dire than ever. Business Week http://tinyurl.com/lfxjmu

Water is the life blood of the planet. Nothing lives without it. Water runs through the veins of the entire planetary system. And just like the blood in our body, we cannot survive without it. And just like our blood, water has many different types. And just like our body, if our blood is polluted so are we. And just like our body, water has a complicated elemental and astounding circulation system. And just like our body when that natural circulation system is interfered with or blocked, we get sicker and sicker. So we are of the same origin and contain the same elements.

WHO OWNS THE WATER ON OUR PLANET? The privatization of our global water supplies

Should Water Be Legislated as a Human Right? The growing commercialisation of waterhttp://tinyurl.com/ledsf8

Major global corporations, politicians and “investors” have been buying up Global Water Rights for years. They saw the future. Profits and Power. Quietly, water is being traded as a commodity on the stock markets. The old game of “Futures” betting is back

Thirsty!! Hot! Water --Please!


‘Water Privatisation in Namibia – creating a new apartheid? ‘ Poor have to buy water – when they can afford it http://tinyurl.com/lt2dg2

Global water scarcity calls for innovation, summit attendees told – JSOnline.

Water scarcity and who owns it will be the next major corporate power play holding billions of people’s lives in the balance. Many have and will have to choose between paying for water that used to run free in their villages, or for food.

“…a new economics of water is sweeping the world. For the first time, governments and people are realizing that water itself is a commodity with a real market value…For this reason, the largest water agency in the U.S. has begun trading water rights electronically, creating the first true market for buying and selling water.” http://tinyurl.com/nnd558 http://www.jsonline.com/business/51218777.html

AN ARTICLE IN “THE MONEY GAME” , August23, 2009″Remember The Water Crisis? It’s Getting Worse http://ow.ly/ll3i . “Drought in China has just left five million people facing a water shortage, and more could be affected by year-end. This comes as a harsh reminder that a global water crisis is still approaching and that companies which can “help” solve water-related problems have massive growth ahead.

Very nonchalant eh! Pretty Heartless. Detached, matter of fact while five million people are dying of thirst or getting really sick because of low-lying polluted waters. A great new opportunity to get rich! But this time it is not gold or oil, neither of which we eat or drink. This time it is the very foundation of life…yours and mine…the birds, the fish, the bees, the trees. We have a massive disconnect problem from the heart of the planet, from our own hearts, and from each others. WE MUST BEGIN TO CARE AGAIN!

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Welcome to the Financing Water for All

A joint operation by the World Water Council and the Global Water Partnership. http://www.financingwaterforall.org/

Vandana Shiva

Vandana Shiva

In her book Water Wars, the Indian author and long time champion for India’s environment issues, Vandana Shiva lists nine principles underpinning water democracy. At least two of these principles are directly compromised by the privatization of water. Point number four states that “Water must be free for sustenance needs. Since nature gives water to us free of cost, buying and selling it for profit violates our inherent right to nature’s gift and denies the poor of their human rights.”

25 FACTS YOU MUST KNOW ABOUT WATER http://www.care2.com/greenliving/25-things-you-might-not-know-about-water.html

Water is has an interesting nature. It is fluid and has its own ebb and flow and direction, if left alone. Whole cities are built around water. As with all of Nature it is a symbiotic factor in a greater whole, and an element all life depends on. We degrade our soils, poison our land and remove the natural catchments for runoff through deforestation and removal of tree. We fill in our waterways and natural filtering systems in the name of development and “progress”. We dam up rivers, trying to hoard and control it,destroying natural eco-systems and entire fisheries as we go and we completely upset the natural scheme of things that water needs to flow and filter clean water for us all.

We will step over sick and dying bodies for water. In our slumber we have assumed water will always be there for us – Clean water to drink, waterways for recreation, healthy rivers and oceans to supply us with healthy fish, water to wash our cars, water to green our lawns and landscapes, water to bath and shower in, water to brush our teeth with, water for our swimming pools.

Desalination threat to the growing Arabian Gulf – The National Newspaper http://ow.ly/nmlM

No probs, we’ll just desalinate!” Really! What are we going to do with the residual salt? “No probs, we’ll dump it back into the ocean”. Oh! and change the saline balance of our oceans destroying reefs and breeding habitat. What do we do with the excess salt? Dump it onto the earth and allow it to leach into the ground water that eventually goes into our rivers, the water that is used for us to drink and for agriculture and wells? “Oh, I know, we can put it into the ground (like carbon sequestration) in large concrete pits,to prevent this re-absorption back into soil.” Really, how much do you think we are talking about? And what about future generations who have to deal with the problem we have left behind. Short term fixes may take care of you and me in our lifetime, but what about future generations on this beautiful planet.

We have to embrace an all encompassing approach-think things through to their logical conclusion before we jump in with “fixes” and evaluate our actions against how they will impact the greater environment, eco-systems and human health. We will have to re-learn to share, putting greed and profit aside or the robber barons will not be able to contain the global public uprising caused by their drive to control and profit.

We have to work with what we have and treat it and the earth’s circulation system very tenderly and with great respect, restoring her to health. Her health is our health. We all know we can go without food for a while, but not water. Without water no life can exist. The greater percentage of our planet is of water (our oceans), as are our human bodies. Every natural element with Nature exists within the human body. We are integrally bound together in this dance of life.

We can conserve (and consciousness is growing), but will it be enough and what about the new billions of people coming into the planet over the next few decades. As water levels go down, the pollutants in it get stronger. All of life is interdependent and all of life needs water or….?. Let us stop imposing our will and desire on Nature for our own selfish, often ill-gotten gains and become good stewards of the natural world allowing Her to show us the way, once again..(to be continued)


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