A Crumb for you, a Crumb for Me!


Think about this. We are already stressing our Natural world to max, what will it be like as we add billions more? More poverty, more starvation, more conflict with our natural world.

This makes addressing our environmental and biodiversity issues much more pressing. To bring balance and health back to our food supply chain…the danger is we will just err on the side of more science and technology that could only further exacerbate the already dire problem of nutritious, healthy food supplies for all and getting the mega factory farming back into harmony with nature. I believe we can feed and water ourselves, but I believe it will return to small communities, working together with some supplemental outside help. We cannot depend on the integrity of multi-national food corporations to do the right thing. Nor can we depend on the bigger, more developed nations who may be busy taking care of their own internal problems. It is highly likely that foreign aid will begin to dry up. Survival will implode our focus.

If we want to uplift humanity, we cannot do it just by handing out clothes, or distributing money, or teaching about a higher standard of living. We cannot truly help people if we just create more and more programs for those who are sick and poor. We have to enter partnerships both large and small to restore humans to their dignity and respect, and support them in finding self-sustaining models that work for them. This must come from our hearts, not just for profit, or the tragedy will be beyond our ability to hold it. Reconnecting with their own local natural environment is paramount.

FOOD OR FUEL: Something is wrong with this picture!,0,3838970.story Do we burn our corn and other grains for fuel (ethanol, bio-fuels) or do we feed the people. We will be faced with some very interesting choices over the coming years. Our integrity and priorities will be tested. Our willingness to “have less” so our brothers and sisters can have “some” will come into focus; can we walk our talk or will we go for keeping our own cats fat, letting the others starve.

THE MORALITY OF COMMODITY AND FUTURES MARKETS AND THE FUTURES They’re already placing their bets on making millions as food supplies get shorter, playing the oil game with our food supplies.

I believe in the ingenious of mankind and in our basic kindness and goodness. We may come up with an entirely new approach to global community aid that supports sustainability, rather than increasing global “welfare”; and planting new, nutritious crops, tilled by the local communities, that fit with the global warming patterns. All this while watching for the global corporate greed that sees new markets for its poisonous pesticides, insecticides and genetically engineered seeds. Understanding, compassion, compromise and realizing the common denominator among all living things-a healthy blanced natural world-helps us put aside our petty perceived differences and false sense of separation. We can get everyone rowing together in the same boat.

This time, we need to really think through the end life cycle of all we are doing in our efforts to restore sanity to our biodiversity and ecosystems. Everything we do, everything we think and everything we manifest has to be accountable to the greater whole of our web of life.