Dear Mr. President:

Please stop Monsanto – and their bedfellows – They’re killing us and our planet- and now the four companies—Monsanto, Syngenta, Dupont, and Bayer—that own the global market for GM seeds/pesticides/insecticides are colluding and combining technologies .

Surely this is approaching an anti-trust and monopoly issue? Too big to fail?!

The ongoing battle between GMO, pesticides and insecticides and Organic farmers clearly shows that Monsanto has all its bases covered in case of lawsuits from farmers, some due to crop spraying drifting onto organic farms. (shell corporations with no assets) Monsanto can squash an organic farm with one waft of the wind. This article explains a little about one incident

shambo web 3 75 dpiMr. President, while you’re working so hard on health reform, I respectfully request you look into the causes and preventative health measures that requires the Monsanto’s (and the Dow’s) of our world to stop poisoning our planet and food and water supply making tens of millions of people sick, all over the planet, with cancer and other horrible terminal and life-threatening illnesses, driving up medical costs because it is in our food, water supply, household products, personal care items, etc.
And that includes our children who are exposed to these GMOs, artificial hormones, antibiotics, pesticides, and insecticides even while in the womb, creating weakened immune systems and resistance to antibiotic treatment: Article: Drug-resistant bacteria were eating holes in the lungs of 7-week-old Madeline Reimer of Batavia. The most powerful antibiotics available could not stop them.,0,2286795.story

This reaches into the fundamentals of our very existence–our daily sustenance and well-being–and is far more dangerous than the tobacco concerns. These toxic chemicals are everywhere, in everything, for all people, for all species in the environment,

Article: Texas fish poisoned with PCB’s-Warning: Don’t Eat the Fish: Article: A Toxic Tsunami. Inside the tennessee Coal Ash Spill: Article: GE Corn Causes Concerns: Article: Myriad of Chemicals Enter Environment in Ventura County, Ca:

The fact that an organic farmer can, in one gust of wind, no longer be called organic after years of toil (see article/link above) is immoral and predatory and warrants a major investigation into the monolopy, intimidation, and practices of the chemical industry and Monsanto to keep their GMO and Chemical empire going no matter what–under the many guises of “higher yields”; “pest control”; “drought resistant” all of which have sanitized and homogenized our food supply chain, destroyed our soils and insect populations and totally wrecked Nature and Her biodiversity.

Our bees are sick and dying; our birds are disappearing; our fish are turning into hermaphrodites and the total natural breeding of species is now in jeopardy. Tens of Millions of people have developed health problems and died due to Monsanto’s “profits at all cost”, both here and in the less developed countries like Africa and India, where they have been dumping their poisons for years (banned in developed countries), destroying waterways, soils and extinguishing life of birds and cattle that feed on their poisoned crops.

This administration and Congress has got to get on top of this horror. Even if all these toxins were removed from our products and food and water supply tomorrow, it would take decades and decades (maybe generations) before we were able to clean them out of our natural systems of earth, soil and water. And we still do not know what the long term health affects are of constant ingestion and exposure to this deadly cocktail mix of chemicals. SOVIET PESTICIDES LEAVE BITTER LEGACY

It is an absolute disgrace and crime to allow these chemical people to continue to have free reign both within the USA and overseas. We are all interconnected, the bees, the fish, the birds and we humans. We need to stop the degradation of our planet and our human populations at the root cause–one of which is the massive quantities of toxins and chemicals destroying our environment and food supply chain. Please help.

Perhaps a helpful law would as simply as:
“Nothing can be manufactured unless it is biodegradable within a certain period”


With Great Respect