Our depleted oceans cause by large, corporate fishing trawlers sweeping up everything in their path with the mile long fishing nets has hit Madascar.

The indigeninous people, who once fished to only fished to feed themselves, are now fishing for profits and the result could be devastating to them.  The demand for our oceans bounty is ever increasing and we are outstripping the oceans ability to regenerate itself.

The philosphy of “only take what you need” for your own daily sustenance has vanished.  Teams of people have come to the aid of Madasgar to find a solution to avoid the indigenous population becoming maids and toilet cleaners as big hotels and tourism encroach on the country.  Restoring the environment has been profitable for many parts of Africa.  Let’s hope the same is true for Madascar as it has one of the richest biodiversity environments on the planet, much of which is going fast.


World Environment News – Overfishing in Madagascar – Planet Ark.