Extinction is Forever

Extinction is Forever


Returning dignity and respect to cultures and all species is paramount as we move into this new paradigm forming on Planet Earth.

Al Gore awoke the world to the context of the problem “Global Warming”. And Robert Kennedy is focusing on Water – the very basic element all living things require for survival. I am and have been more about the content. Why the bee, the bird, the fish, the tree matters; why we should care about the species extinction going on at alarming rates; why we should care if our oceans are depleted; our rivers and soils poisoned; why each species is deserving of respect and how our own human footprint is threatening the survival of all. http://www.thetimes.co.za/PrintEdition/News/Article.aspx?id=1028709

Negative or disturbing as it may be, “We do have a problem Houston, and it is us”. There are some great things happening out there. People, communities, corporations and governments are coming up with their solutions everyday and I mean to focus more on them than I am doing. Others are carrying the good news and the problem/solution is appearing more and more in our consumer daily news, blogs and websites dedicated to this great mission before us.

This is terrific and I pay attention to that too. The danger is that we think the problem is fixed – it is not – and we can slack off and go back to sleep. What is before us is huge and all encompassing and will take a massive consciousness shift (which is happening right now) and a concerted effort on the part of the entire global community (growing every day) if there is any hope of bringing sanity, balance and health back to our planet in time. Which is why I Twitter every day http://www.twitter.com/pdjmoo so that we do not go back to sleep.

I would love to be writing about apple pie and roses but that would be foregoing my mission and purpose — We have to really GET that we have an epidemic of a possible global eco collapse before us and, yes, every little thing we each do makes a difference. However, I am involved in the global issues and everyday I realize we are deeper down the rabbit hole than we think. I guess it is hard to come to terms with it in our daily American, suburban lives. I don’t see global warming? The foods supply is good, I turn on the tap and there is water, all my mod cons work, the stores are still there, I go to restaurants to eat; my tv/social life goes on. My life is not affected. Sure there’s a price rise in gas, food, etc. and times are rough financially but, really, the environment! I do my bit, but I am very busy. My life is going on. Why should I care if the polar bears go extinct? Or 50,000 other species? Or how our food gets to our table or how it is farmed/ killed etc. I’m still eating. Its not affecting me! We’re okay – it’s over there and its them that is the problem. Someone else will fix it if it is real.

I can fully understand this perspective because here in Los Angeles I look around and wonder too at times. I could easily be seduced into relaxing and just going along in my state of slumber. Nothing is really in my face daily to keep me awake. No wonder great folks like Robert Kennedy and Al Gore are 24/7 dedicated to these major issues that are about to explode in our face in a true perfect storm..and that’s not drama or negative – it is a FACT and sugar coating it only slows things down. We can’t always have things put to us in a nicely wrapped basket with a ribbon it when the contents can jump out and kill you.

My heart goes in and out of being joyous (whenever I am aware of and connected to Nature) and heavy when I am aware of how much has to be done and how behaviors, habits and unconsciousness has to change – Now. We’re getting there. I am amazed and thrilled to see so many people coming together in communities to do their part and address this approaching dilemma. Great minds all over the world are in think tanks and world leaders are communicating among themselves like never before, local communities are forming, putting aside their perceived differences in search of solutions.

The common denominator among all living things is Nature. We cannot expect to have healthy, balanced lives without a healthy, balanced natural world. Nature is the key. Without Nature we do not exist. Period. I do what I do because the issue is real and urgent and my contribution is bringing awareness to the extent of our dilemma…to every day folk, not yet on the bandwagon of renewal and regeneration, cooperation vs. competition, caring vs killing and inclusion vs. exclusion.

We have to learn to stay in a very high place, keeping our eye on the donut not the hole, while taking action where we can – in our homes, locally, with community, political organization, regionally, nationally and globally. A wonderful global village is emerging from this crisis and it is so heartening to see old differences and lines of separation falling away as we all see the only way out is to pull together. IWhat we do in our daily lives matters. I thank each and every one of you for all you are doing and for opening your beautiful hearts to re-embrace that which sustains us every moment of every day – our awe-inspiring, beautiful natural world. Would welcome dialogue on this.