It’s about time we humans stopped laying the blame on Nature and her inhabitants and our animals for all our woes and troubles.

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We humans are the ones creating this great drama unfolding with our corporate mega farms. If we do not take care of our animals by feeding and providing for them in humanely and natural ways, what do we expect. Cows are natural grass grazers, not bred to be fed only twice a day on GMO corn and dead ground up chicken and dead ground up cow, or dried up hay.

I’d like to see how the corporate powers to be of these animal slave camps would burp if we put a chain around their neck and only fed them ground up dead human flesh or dried up old grain and beans…they’d be burping too…but then I suppose we would give them some antacids instead of giving them good, nutritional food…to save money of course.

Wake up and do right you mega farmers. Do what is right for our pigs, chickens, turkeys, beef and cows instead of always just thinking of how you can fill your pockets with more and more of that green stuff called money. Doing things on the cheap at the expense of our fellow species in life has great repercussions.